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Cisco is one of the leading manufacturers of telecom and networking equipment. Unified communications, network equipment, optic fiberCisco has a solution for all your telecom needs.

At Ghekko Networks, we have in stock a comprehensive range of Cisco equipment including phones, systems and conference units but also networking and optical transport equipment.

In terms of telecom equipment, Cisco specialises in IP and SIP phones. By using your broadband connection instead of your traditional landline, Cisco phones will make you save money! We have in stock all sort of Cisco phones such as the 7400 and 8800 series.

When it comes to networking equipment, Cisco sets the standard! That’s why we also supply all WS switches alongside with the optical transport range such as transceivers, modules and chassis.

Take a look at our catalogue and contact us to request a quote. We will be more than happy to help you find the best Cisco products for you.

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Cisco IP 8811 IP Phone
Part number: CP-8811-K9=
Cisco IP Phone 7821
Part number: CP-7821-K9=
Cisco IP Phone 7841
Part number: CP-7841-K9=
Cisco 8841 IP Phone
Part number: CP-8841-K9=
Cisco 8861 IP Phone
Part number: CP-8861-K9=
Power cube 4
Part number: CP-PWR-CUBE-4
Cisco 8800 / 9900 series Power supply
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